HLC is a Not for Profit Community Trust - offering a FREE service to employers!

Our Focus:

  • Helping work ready clients gain employment

  • To match employers with trained employees who will add value to the workplace.

We provide meaningful workplace qualifications to all our participants including but not limited to:

  • Workplace health and safety

  • First Aid

  • Workplace ethic

  • Workplace skills

  • Help with licencing

Our Training for Work programme supports individuals to overcome barriers and equips them with the skills, knowledge and attributes to add value to your team.

By focussing on local trends, listening to employers and designing programmes to meet demand we are able to meet work requirements and aid sustainable employment.

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Workplace Literacy

Upskilling local businesses with Workplace Communication Skills

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What is this programme all about?

It is about training in computing, reading, writing or communication skills (or a combination of these components).

It is a government funded programme designed to upskill those in employment.  An individual programme is designed and delivered to meet the needs of both the company and the employee which in turn improves productivity and efficiency. There is no age limit to access this training.

The training is very practical; there is no pre-determined curriculum- the needs of the worker determines what it required and this is reinforced by a literacy needs analysis of the work place, which is a brief snapshot of the literacy tasks undertaken in your workplace.

The training can be based around reading manuals, writing job instructions, writing reports, compliance documents, filling in forms, assisting with maths to do the job i.e. measuring and volume calculations.  The training can also cover computer file management, mail merge, databases, spreadsheets and information presentation.

Training is carried out on a one on one basis or as a group, the needs dictate the format. It is usually at the place of employment but can be at HLC. Training is free as it is fully funded by the government.

The number of tuition hours depends on whatever works for the business and the tutor and is generally carried out during normal working hours. The training is delivered at minimum of 2 hours per session per week. (Can be up to 4 hours per week)


  • Focused on your workplace and employee needs

  • Delivered on a one on one or as a group

  • Covers all aspects of workplace literacy

  • Free — Government funded

  • Flexible programme with your needs in mind

  • Benefits are increased productivity and job satisfaction

  • 40 hours tuition per person, minimum contract requirement

Contact:               Jenny Jarvis

027 254 8659