Security Students visit Aviation Security

Recently our Security Students embarked on a field trip Aviation Security (Avsec) in Wellington. They met Blaze - the Bomb Sniffer dog - officially known as an Explosives Detection Dog. It was a great visit, with the students being able to experience first hand what it is like to wear the bomb disposal attire and see behind the scenes at Avsec. Did you know that Avsec trains up their dogs fit for purpose? Blaze was gifted to Avsec by HUHA, an animal rescue organisation. She is a Hunterway X that can sniff out a juicy bone from over 1 km away! She uses her super powers of smell to search bags and cargo to ensure that there is nothing dangerous on your aeroplane. Security training is much more than providing door security. It can lead to many career paths, including armed forces, police and government work. We are taking enquiries for the 2020 courses now - get in touch to find out more - or call 0800 368 1095.

Angela TorrComment